The Greek island of Corfu is situated in the Ionian Sea and has been called the princes of Ionian us well us Tuscany of Greece.

Millions of weather-gnarled olive trees planted centuries ago, their silver-grey foliage interspersed with dark cypresses, and the extraordinary richness in wild flowers, give the island the air of a vast botanical garden. With a coastline of more than 300km and mountains rising to almost 1,000 meters, rolling hillsides with extensive olive groves, vineyards and breathtaking panoramas, elegant architecture, sun blessed beaches, enchanting night life and fine cuisine, Corfu is the ideal place to spend your vacation.

Corfu Town is one of the rare cites that does not hide its true face from the visitors. It respects its exciting history, its rich cultural heritage and with pride flaunts its untamable Mediterranean spirit.
That special charm of Corfiot’s has been known to many world travellers in past times, and today, visitors continue to confirm the fact that there are very few places in the world where one feels as welcome as in Corfu and Greece in general.

Corfu town is one of the most charming and romantic places of all modern Greece. Almost 500 years of Venetian, French and British occupation have left their influence on one of the most delightful and romantic places of the modern Greece. Corfu’s secret little streets and panoramic points will unexpectedly surprise you! Since 2007 the old Town has been inscribed in the World Heritage List of the UNESCO.

The old town is one of the best preserved Venetian cities in Europe. It is a thriving mass of shops and businesses, set amongst a captivating and charming assortment of elegant buildings, churches, imposing fortresses and narrow alleyways leading to hidden squares.

No matter how long you plan to stay in Corfu, you will get to know an island where people take pride in their hospitality. It is by the best souvenir you will take home – the memory of how spontaneous and open its inhabitants are.